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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When Pears Go Swimming

I'm trying out a new brand of watercolor paints and really like them. They are called Maimeri Blu and are made in Italy. They come out of the tube with an intense color that holds up well to painting with lots of water. Here I used pears as a subject, because that is part of the April project challenge for the Watercolor Workshop group I take part in. Also, I did some playing with effects of spattering, spraying water, dropping in salt and also adding a little alcohol....not all in the same place, but in various spots on the painting.
While this is not quite the fully planned out painting, it does show the "study process" that you need to do to try out new materials.

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  1. Hello Elsie,
    I saw your post on EDM and thought I would take a little peek at your blog...I'm glad I did :-)
    Great blog and great artwork.