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Monday, March 5, 2012


This painting was started from an exercise in intuitive composition I did while reading a book on composition by David Friend. It was started by drawing lines freely on a piece of paper while not looking at the paper and not trying to draw objects.
The next step was to look at my sketches done this way and see what they reminded me of. In this one, I could see a woman sitting and looking down. From there I went on to design the whole painting. It is mostly painted in watercolor, but in some areas white gouache was added to the watercolor paint. Also, in some areas I did a glaze of Daniel Smith Iridescent paints. This is difficult to see on a photo of the painting, but it does give a bit of mystery to the scene. If you click on the painting, you will see a bigger image and some of the iridescent glint shows up. This was a fun process.

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