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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Woman Sitting By a Tree Stump in the Desert

From time to time I like to show art done by my grandson, Benjamin Wilson Feit. Ben loves to paint and to do collage. But, recently he has been making sculptures out of Sculpy. One day this past week a small package arrived at our house from Ben. Inside was this very creative sculpture along with a note from Ben about the sculpture. The note is above, beside the sculpture. By the way....Ben has a great imagination and takes on characters . From time to time he has been one of the Beatles or various other favorites. Right now, he is signing his name as "Bjorn" in honor of one of the musicians in the group: "ABA".


  1. So glad you like Bjorn's work! He was pretty pleased with it, too. I told him at dinner that you had blogged about it, but forgot to show him the post before his bedtime. I'll show him tomorrow. He was pretty excited!

    1. Hi, Julia and Ben,
      I'm so glad you told Ben about it!
      The sculpture is still on exhibit on the dining room table. It got quite the rave reviews from Kathy, David and Megan last evening.
      Martin Van Buren loves it, too! LOL!
      Love ya'

  2. hi Elsie....
    forth coming artist.............
    oh for a young imagination.:)

    1. Thanks, Don,
      Oh, yes, if we could just keep that young imagination going!