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Friday, September 30, 2011

Elsie's Summer

Where has Elsie been this summer and why has she not been posting?
After a very long winter and way too much painting in my studio, I decided I really needed to change direction in what I was doing. I do not do well on ice, so I was feeling very housebound. Instead of a focus on more finished paintings, I have chosen to "get out and get sketching."
I have taken three on-line courses from Cahty Johnson (Not my daughter, but one of my favorite art teachers) involving "Quick Sketching", "Artist Sketchbook Journaling "
and Watercolor Pencils. While I have done a few paintings, most of my work has evolved drawing in graphite, ink, watercolor pencil and combinations of these.
Bob and I spend a marvelous weekend at Horicon Marsh recently and I had great fun sketching and Bob enjoyed photography. Here are some quick sketches.

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