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Sunday, July 11, 2010

When is white not white at all? Actually, we can say, "always" if we are looking carefully and if we are painting carefully!
The Watercolor Workshop June project had to do with seeing and painting white. Our shared image was a white iris. As usual, we can take liberties with the image and I did add some elements. The interplay of light and shadow and the influence of nearby colors all influence what we see and what our brains have come to read as "white." This was a fun project to do and it got the whole group into great discussions of the rendering of white subjects.


  1. Yummm! Gorgeous! The blooms are beautifully done, but I think that my favorite part is that cool, dark leaf up the left side. The richness of that is a nice counterpoint to the feathery lightness of the petals.

  2. Thanks, Julia!
    Oh, I struggled with the leaves! They wanted to be so heavy and sort of pasted on. But, when I stopped fussing with them they sort of settled in!
    When I'm painting, I get just too "inside" the painting and have to "let it cook" a few days and come back and it always looks better!
    Love ya!